Top 5 causes of chipped or cracked windshield


Top 5 causes of chipped or cracked windshield

The importance of a windshield in a vehicle cannot be overemphasized and as a matter of fact, it is safe to say that a car is incomplete without one. It provides structural integrity to the car itself and is important in the deployment of airbags in dangerous situations. It is also the part of the vehicle which separates you from the harsh natural conditions like rain, some part of the sun, and even high and strong winds. It takes all the pain and makes sure you are comfortable in your vehicle. One has to make sure the windshield of any vehicle is intact as this increases the overall value and use of the vehicle. If you chip or crack your car windshield, make sure you read on.

Unfortunately, the windshield is made of glass and as we all know glass is a very fragile element and can be destroyed with a mild or medium amount of force. This doesn’t mean the use of glass as a windshield is a mistake because the glass makes sure that the driver, as well as the passengers, can see what’s in front of them.

Speaking to experts in architectural design like those found here  argue that the fact that the windshield is made of glass means that at some point in the lifespan of any windshield, it would get chipped or cracked. This is true but this doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to avoid that neither does it mean you cannot elongate the lifespan of any given windshield, all you just have to do

Top 5 causes of chipped or cracked windshield

Stray road debris

This is the leading cause of chipped or crack windshields of most car owners and this is the cause unfortunately because many times there is hardly anything you can do about it. These include stones, gravel, pebbles, etc. They come from all angles and worst all they come from the cars or vehicles in front of your throwing them at you only to be stopped by your windshield and it gets chipped. Most of the windshields are strong but the speed and weight of the materials can easily have an impact on the glass. The best way to try to avoid this is to make sure the vehicles in front of you are not very close to you.

Temperature fluctuations

This is another leading cause of windshield cracking. Most times when we lock our cars, the internal parts of the car becomes very hot especially when the sun is really scorching and the external heat is being absorbed into the car. With the pressure increasing as the temperature increase, the car starts to search for ways to expel this excess heat and excess pressure and unfortunately it does this by cracking the windshields. In extremely bad cases, the whole windshield simply just explodes. Sometimes, people out of ignorance cause the cracking of the windshield to occur. When the temperature of a glass is changed from a very low degree to a very high degree or vice versa it leads to cracking and if the glass is a weak one it leads to breakage. Do not leave your car under the sun especially on very hot days.


Bad weather

When the weather is bad it causes many of the stones or pebbles, tree branches and other things to fly in the air and when in contact with the windshield can have an impact on it and Crack or chip it. One must make sure they try their best to avoid driving in bad weather if they must keep their windshield safe.

Poor glass quality

Most times the glass quality is just bad so even a small amount of impact and there is a Crack. When installing your windshield, you have to be sure the windshield is of good quality and can withstand some level of impact without being compromised.

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