Techfest 2010 Largest Ever Outdoor 3D-holoshow - India

activ8-3D were invited to one of India's most prestigious universities, IIT Bombay, to showcase their holographic projection technology. The first ever show of it's kind to be seen in India.

Each year IIT Bombay host the technology festival 'Techfest' – three days of cutting edge, innovative technological inventions and exhibitions from around the world.


motion capture system - Techfest

On each of the three nights, the crowds gather to the main outdoor arena, where they witness a show stopping technological display, of grand proportion. This year, activ8-3D were kindly invited to headline the first night, with their 3D-holoshow and motion capture system performance.

A huge set up was specially designed by activ8-3D for this monumental arena. The university and Techfest crew did a magnificent job of constructing the stage from cost effective, traditional India materials such as bamboo. When complete, the stage stood 12 meters wide, by 10 meters high, a truly impressive design and build.

activ8-3D wowed the audience of over 7,000, with their 3D-holographic projection display, showcasing content from previous projects and events, along with some specially created 3D animations for the Techfest exhibition.

Techfest Hologram Display


After the initial 10 minute 3D hologram projection show reel, activ8-3D displayed the award winning motion capture system. A hand picked comedian from the university donned the suit. He had the audience in stitches as he controlled the full body movements and speech, in real time, of three different 3D hologram characters. Learn more about the award winning motion capture system here.

All in all, India's largest ever outdoor 3D holographic projection event was a huge success. After the show, the activ8-3D crew were bombarded with complements and questions as to how on earth the technology works.

If you would like to know more about this event, or our 3D hologram projection technology, or arrange for a free demonstration, please contact us.

motion capture system - Techfest

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