Sony Ericsson/O2 Interactive 3D-holopod - Dublin

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activ8-3D launch the world's first touch screen interactive hologram display system at the O2 Arena, Dublin. Select the hologram you want to see via a touch screen system!

This unique system also has the capability to send messages to the audiences' mobile phones via bluetooth!

Working together with the London based advertising agency, Iris, activ8-3D beamed 3D holograms of Sony Ericsson's five “dancing monster” characters. Each holographic monster was individually characterised with its own music theme, soundtrack and dance moves!

activ8-3D installed a touch screen system which, when interacted with, changed the holographic display. Visitors could choose which dancing hologram monster they wanted to watch at the touch of an image.


When visitors to the exhibition stand walked within a certain distance of the hologram display, they were sent a Sony Ericsson branded bluetooth message. The message, which contained an animated gif of the dancing monsters, could be shared among friends and family, helping promote the Sony Ericsson brand.

This touch screen hologram selection display is ideal for exhibition stands, retail stores or events where companies are looking to offer visitors, customers or audience members interactive options to learn more about their product/s, company or event.

Imagine a 3D holographic menu at a restaurant, or a hologram information stand at a theme park, shopping complex or museum, the possibilities are endless!

To learn more about this system, or any other activ8-3D products, please email and arrange a demo at our London studio located within County Hall.

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