Shahrukh Khan Hologram – XXX Energy Drink Launch

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activ8-3D produced a 3D hologram projection of a living Indian legend, Shahrukh Khan, for the launch of a brand new energy drink, XXX.

The XXX Energy Drink is the official sponsor of Shahrukh Khan's IPL cricket team, The Kolkatta Knight Riders, therefore it was only appropriate for the man himself to be the spokesman for the corporate launch of the brand.

The launch was set to happen over three different cities across India within February 2010, starting in Hyderabad, then moving onto Kolkatta, and finally Delhi. Due to budgetary constraints and Shahrukh Khan's already hectic schedule (mainly due to the release of his new film, My Name Is Khan), he was not able to personally attend all three of the events. The perfect solution was for him to appear virtually at each event...that's where activ8-3D come in!

activ8-3D sent their team of experienced film, directing and lighting crew to a Mumbai film studio, where they filmed Shahrukh Khan using top of the range equipment, such as a Red camera. The shoot itself took less than an hour, with Shahrukh Khan being the ultimate professional, performing two flawless takes of his speech.


Back in London, the activ8-3D animation team created a stunning 3D animation file of the two XXX Energy Drink cans rotating at 360 degrees. In post production, the spinning cans were added to the Shahrukh Khan footage. As a finally to the event, the two cans appeared either side of the virtual Bollywood star as 3D spinning holograms, each 2 meters in height.

With technical advise from activ8-3D, PDMIndia, the advertising agency behind the campaign, sourced a powerful HD projector, top of the range LED lighting, audio system, truss and stage materials, along with highly experienced and trained event crew to rig the set up.

At each event, the stage was constructed based upon the AutoCAD drawing supplied by the actic8-3D design team. Using the specially designed tensioning system, three technicians from the activ8-3D team installed the 3D-holofilm on site, at the required 45 degree angle. After testing all of the elements, the first show in Hyderabad was set to launch.

Over 300 people attended the Hyderabad launch event, mainly local business corporates and celebrities. The audience were thoroughly impressed by the 3D holographic effect, something rarely before seen in India. The activ8-3D hologram display of Shahrukh Khan was dubbed a “huge success” by the event organisers. View the video above to view a live recording of the show.

Read the full testimonial from PDMIndia here

The following events in Kolkatta and Delhi were also both fantastic successes. A brand has never before been launched using our holographic projection displays in India ever before, and we very much doubt that it will be the last!

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