Peroni Nastro Azzurro Design Awards - UK Bar Exhibition

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One of Italy's most established and iconic brands, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, in partnership with Elvis Communications, asked activ8-3D to incorporate their 3D holographic display systems into the Peroni Nastro Azzurro Blue Ribbon Design Awards 2009.

The Peroni awards show toured the UK for a 6 week period, showcasing various winning designs from the competition which invited designers to create something Peroni inspired for the aperitivo occasion

The centre piece of the 15 bar shows the 3D-holocube advertising display system. The 3D-holocube stylishly displayed 9 different designs as rotating 3D holograms, aimed at catching people's eye and enticing them to find out more about the design awards and the Peroni brand.

Read the Peroni Testimonial about this Project


The first event took place in The Marquis Of Cornwallis Bar, Bloomsbury, London. It was a great success with many punters flocking upstairs to the Peroni event. The 3D-holocube received many accolades for its impressive, eye catching hologram display, with many asking “how does it do that?!”

Insight into how we created the 3D hologram content

Peroni and Elvis Communications came to aciv8-3D with a storyboard idea for a 3D holographic display, and activ8-3D brought it to life! We took each physical design into our private film studio in, London and then filmed them on a rotating turntable using the latest top range HD camera, together with specialist lighting and studio equipment. After thorough testing and adjustments, we created crystal clear, high definition, seamless video footage of each design.

Special effects, 3D hologram text and an elegant interlude between each item were added in post production to create the complete content for the 3D-holocube system. Due to the high specification equipment and clever design, the 3D-holocube can be booted up with new content in a matter of seconds – no advanced technical knowledge required!

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