Kshitij 2010 5000 Audience Holographic Projection Show - India


From the resounding success of the IIT Techfest large scale holographic event, activ8-3D were invited to once again showcase their 3D hologram display in an arena holding 5000 people at another prestigious Indian university.

IIT Kharagpur was the latest location for the second of five Indian events for activ8-3D. The university, steeped in Indian history, were putting on their annual Kshitji festival of technical management. The festival is a celebration of worldwide technology, attended by 12000 people from across the globe.

activ8-3D were asked to perform a large scale holographic projection display on the opening night of the ceremony.

Back in the UK, the activ8-3D team designed an AutoCAD drawing of the set up and assisted the Kshitji team in sourcing the required equipment, such as the 10m x 4m 3D-holofilm, 10,000 lumen HD projector, HD media player, LED lighting and various computer equipment.

The Kshitji crew asked actic8-3D if they could build the stage from bamboo! This, at first daunting, proposal was met with an understanding of local labour and material costs from activ8-3D. We were happy to accommodate this material and stage build that was very new to us! We wanted to prove that we can create a spectacular holographic show, even in the most uncommon environments.

hologram stage build from bamboo

The stage was build to a very professional standard, all be it from bamboo! The Kshitji team covered the stage in black drape, hung from the bamboo, which created a perfectly dark area for the holographic projection to be housed in.


The show started at 9pm on the Friday night. The 3D-holoshow launched into a 10 minute demonstration of holographic technology from activ8-3D. Hologram content such as Audi cars, mobile phones, watches, jewellery, and full size human beings were displayed. This demonstration was then followed by our award winning motion capture system. A highly talented and famous Indian comedian, Rivaldo donned the motion capture suit, controlling the movements and voice of various characters in real time. Learn more about our motion capture system.

Rivaldo ran through a superbly structured and hilarious comedy routine, lasting over 20 minutes, having the crowd in stitches on various occasions. The motion capture suit performance was a fantastic end to the show, with the 5000 strong audience leaving in high spirits having just witness a hugely entertaining comedy act, coupled with a breathtaking holographic display.

crowd awaiting hologram show
motion capture suit hologram projection

The show was such a success, activ8-3D were asked to put on a second performance on the same night at 10pm, as many of the crowd could not attend the first show, due to the popularity of the event. Many of the audience members from the first show wanted to see the show all over again!

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