3D Retail Display at the Ideal Home Show 2010, London

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The Ideal Home Show is Britain's most prestigious showcase of ideas and inspiration for the home-owner. The 2 week exhibition was held at Earls Court, London between March 20th – April 5th.

This year's show was broken down in to eight sections, one of which being the 'Home of the Future'. The event organiser's, Media Ten, approached activ8-3D looking for a futuristic display that could one day be a regular feature in the home.

With the 3D 'boom' which is happening around the world in 2010, it will not be long before 3D displays become common household items. The Ideal Home Show wanted to help portray this by presenting one of activ8-3D's hologram display systems at the show.

The activ8-3D retail display's sleek, compact design along with attractive 3D holograms offered the perfect solution for the show.


activ8-3D's animation team created 3D rotating holographic animations of the Ideal Home Show logo and the show sponsors, Virgin Media. activ8-3D then added 3D animations of household objects such as a watch and mobile phone.

Over the 16 day exhibition, the Home of the Future presentation ran every half an hour. Each event attracted an average audience of 100 people. The presentation was hailed as one of the best attractions of the whole exhibition, thanks to the eye opening futuristic displays such as the activ8-3D hologram system.

The hologram display helped the show draw in crowds to the presentation and walk away with a lasting impression of what they might find in their own homes in the not too distant future.

Find out more about our 3D hologram retail displays here.

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