Ciba Vision Optician Exhibition - Manchester

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Using the 3D-live motion capture system, activ8-3D created a highly entertaining, crowd pleasing event for Ciba Vision at the optician exhibition held at the G-MEX centre in Manchester, April 2009.

The display consisted of two 50 inch plasma screens aligned vertically. A specially designed life sized 3D character enticed, welcomed and bantered with visitors to the Ciba Vision exhibition stand.

The incredible technology of the motion capture system allowed a behind the scenes actor to control the 3D character's movement using a specially designed motion capture suit. The actor/character's voice was broadcaster to the audience via a simple microphone and speaker system.

Via a live video feed and microphone, the behind the scenes actor could see and hear the audience, allowing for hilarious and often head scratching interaction, as the audience had no idea how a 3D cartoon boy could hold a conversation with them!

The event in Manchester was a great triumph for both activ8-3D and Ciba Vision. The 3D character display enticed and captivated many potential clients, bringing much laughter and enjoyment to the exhibition.

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