activ8-3D Showcase 3D-holopod at MIPIM Real Estate Exhibition

Working together with the Russian Federation, activ8-3D installed the latest design of their attention grabbing 3D-holopod exhibition stand at one of the world's biggest real estate exhibitions, MIPIM, held in the picturesque seaside town of Cannes, France.

The event attracted real estate corporate giants from around the world, who gathered at the MIPIM exhibition to view “The best business accelerators in today’s real estate industry”

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As with any exhibition, all of the exhibitors were in competition to have the most impressive, attention grabbing stand. In order to achieve exactly that, the Russia Federation hired the activ8-3D holographic exhibition stand.

Specially created 3D content was made for the exhibition: a 360 degree 3D spinning model of the latest Russian Federation building design, soon to be opened in Moscow, along with the Federation's logo, also rotating as a 3D hologram.

The 3D-holopod was fitted with custom designed advertisement boards to increase the brand presence of the client.

With the activ8-3D hologram exhibition stand, displaying stunning 3D visuals, the Russian Federation celebrated one of the most crowd drawing exhibition stands at the whole of the MIPIM exhibition. Visitors were thoroughly impressed and amazed with how they could view the building design, rotating as a 360 degree 3D hologram.



With most of the other exhibitors showcasing their building designs as small scale models, the Russian Federation's stand really stood out from the competition, as they were the only exhibitors to showcase their work using 3D holographic technology.

The 3D holographic stand provided a unique, rarely before seen technology which achieved exactly what exhibitors long for: a crowd drawing, memorable exhibition stand that grabs visitors attention.

More information on this system can be found on the 3D-holopod exhibition stand page.


For a free, live demonstration of this exhibition stand, or any of our 3D hologram displays, please contact us.

motion capture system - Techfest

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