Motion Capture System Holograms

As part of our 3D-live system we are now able to provide motion capture, real time, life-size, 3D holographic animated characters that entertain and interact with your audience like never before, live at your event or show.

This award winning motion capture system creates live 3D hologram characters for events, shows and exhibitions, and enables a virtual character to interact live with the audience in real time. A “real” actor (who is off set) wears a motion capture suit which brings the “virtual” character to life. The 3D hologram virtual character is fully mobile and has all the features one associates with animated characters in the movies, except this one talks back to you!

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An ideal solution for any event!

If you can come with a creative concept for the character, then we’ll make it a reality.

Our latest high-tech full wireless motion capture system provides precise full body, hand, head and facial movement. Never before have the three areas of motion capture been integrated together in real time.

A portfolio of stock characters are available, or alternatively a bespoke character can be designed specifically for your event.

Our 3D-live system is a "plug and play” system which seamlessly integrates with both our 3D-holoshow and 3D-holopod systems. It is an ideal solution for any shows, events or exhibition where you need to create a real 'WOW' factor and want interaction with your audience.

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