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With our partner RMA, we design, manufacture and install large scale permanent tourist and visitor attractions across the globe. We also work with museums and art galleries too. Examples of our work can be seen at The Movieum of London, Westminster.

With activ8-3D's hologram displays, you can breathe holographic life into your museum, theater, shopping complex...the list goes on!

Our permanent hologram installations can have a huge positive impact on your event ticket sales, visitor enjoyment, revisits, and publicity.

The Movieum Of London Hologram Installation

Since November 2008, we have provided The Movieum of London with our latest holographic projection displays. We are currently showcasing our 5 meter wide, by 5 meter high, large scale 3D-holoshow. The 3D-holoshow currently displays various film related hologram projections which really helps bring the museum to life and gives visitors an experience like never before!

We also showcase our 3D-holocube retail display, 3D-holopod exhibition display, and motion capture system at The Movieum of London.

Royal Academy of Arts Hologram Display

We also designed and created a three month long installation at the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly, London. Our large scale 3D-holoshow bought together Indian and English students in the form of holographic art! Visitors were truely amazed by the world's first 3D-holoshow art piece.

Read more about this Royal Academy of Arts hologram display here

permanent hologram installation

If you would like to view a live demonstration of our hologram projection displays, we would be more than happy to invite you to our demo studio.

To arrange a demo or discuss an upcoming project email us,