Holographic Projection Large Scale

Holograms for Events & Shows

We design, install, produce and create, large scale 3D holograms at live events, conferences, road shows, or exhibitions. We name this product our 3D-holoshow.

We'll look at venue plans and layout, work out the correct viewing angles for the audience, and produce an AutoCAD drawing of the set-up required. We'll be on-site at the event either project managing, or working seamlessly within your event management team.

holograms for events & shows

Holographic Projection Displays for Events

Permanent Installation Holograms

We design, manufacture and install large scale permanent tourist and visitor attractions across the globe. We will also work with museums and art galleries too.

Our permanent hologram installations can have a huge positive impact on your event ticket sales, visitor enjoyment, revisits, and publicity.

permanent installation holograms

Holographic Projection - Perminant Installations