Holographic Projection for Exhibitions & Retail

Holograms for Retail & POS

View our range of fully integrated 3D holographic system, ideal for retail and POS. They create 3D video holograms that inspire and entertain any audience. For use in retail, point-of-sale, exhibitions, road shows and the event world.

Our 3D video holograms are bright, sharp and clearly visible in daylight conditions and in shop windows.

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holograms for retail & POS


Holograms for Exhibitions

Our exhibition hologram display systems produce stunning visual effects. The 3D-holopod create “depth illusion”, which makes the 3D video holograms appear to have twice the actual depth. The
3D-holopyra360 displays the hologram from 360 degrees.

Both systems are ideal for exhibitions and events where you are looking for a crowd drawing wow factor.

More Info: Holographic Projection for
Exhibitions and Events

hologram displays for exhibitions