activ8-3D Visit Bombay, India for Techfest 2010

Publication Date: 20th Feb 2010


Holographic projection specialists; activ8-3D recently visited the prestigious ITT Bombay University to showcase their ground breaking holographic projection technology. The organisers of the yearly festival ‘Techfest’ invited the Activ8 team to headline the first of the three-night festival, displaying their innovative and incredibly impressive 3D-Holoshow and motion capture system performance.

hologram projector

The festival is hosted outdoors and has been witness to some of the world’s most show-stopping technology; however the holographic projection technology from activ8-3D is the first show ever of its kind to be shown in India.

Ryan James, spokesperson for activ8-3D talks about the event “The Techfest festival was a fantastic opportunity for activ8-3D to show some of our more interactive 3D display technology to a new, fresh audience who were just as excited to be watching the show as we were to create it.”

“The audience were incredibly supportive. The team used a volunteer to show the motion capture system, which allows users to control body movement and speech of a range of hologram characters. After a comical and successful exhibition, we were able to answer questions and comments from the audience, educating them about 3D holographic projection”

activ8-3D designed a gigantic bespoke set up for the monumental arena at ITT Bombay University, which seats over seven thousand audience members. The stage was created with cost effective traditional Indian materials including Bamboo, and stood an impressive twelve metres wide by ten metres high.

The 3D holographic specialists impressed the audience with an array of content from previous events; including the award winning motion capture system, in addition to several specifically designed 3D animations for the Techfest festival.

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