Our Interactive 3D Hologram Display For Sony Ericsson and O2

Publication Date: 1st Dec 2009


activ8-3D, one of the UK’s leading providers of holographic projection and holographic display solutions, launched the world’s first touch screen interactive 3d-holopod hologram display system in Dublin.

activ8-3D installed a touch screen system which, when interacted with, changed the holographic display.

activ8-3d 3D-holocube

The unique hologram system is a twelve month installation at the O2 arena, Dublin, as part of a Sony Ericsson exhibition stand. The system was used to beam 3D holograms of Sony Ericsson’s five ‘dancing monster’ characters, each of which was individually designed and customised with its own music theme, soundtrack and dance moves.

One of the key features to the system, was it's ability to send messages to the visitor's mobile phones via Bluetooth technology. This allowed for the visitors to the exhibition stand to walk away with a symbol of the Sony Ericsson brand.

Ryan James, from the firm which beamed holographic messages into the Big Brother house earlier this year, said, “The activ8-3D team was proud and delighted to showcase the interactive 3D holopod. The system was certainly popular with visitors at the exhibition and was also a fantastic promotional tool for Sony Ericsson. The possibilities with this system are endless – imagine having a 3D holographic menu at a restaurant or a hologram information stand at a theme park or shopping complex.”

“Our wide range of products really are at the forefront when it comes to the provision of successful business and promotional tools. The interactive 3D holopod is also ideal for retail stores and events where companies are trying to attract new customers with an eye catching, engaging hologram display.”

activ8-3D are world leaders in 3D holographic projection and have a wide range of hologram products and services. For more info please visit http://www.activ8-3d.co.uk email: info@activ8-3d.com or call on: 0207 928 6975. The firm can also be followed on Twitter: http://twitter.com/activ83d and offers a range of exclusive, insightful and entertaining videos on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/activ83d.

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