activ8-3D Create Holographic Success At Movieum’s First Anniversary Bash

Publication Date: 25th Mar 2009


Holographic communications agency activ8-3D entertained the crowds with spectacular results at The Movieum of London’s first anniversary bash last Thursday, with many dubbing their main holographic projection as ‘the best 3D-technology they’d ever seen’.

Simon Humphreys, from activ8-3D who offer hologram projection and 3D holographic displays, said, “The event attracted over 750 people and was an unprecedented success for us all here at activ8-3D. Our 3D-holoshow was a big hit with the audience, as was our main project on the night, a live interactive 3D show; an actor in a motion capture suit had all of his movements and speech picked up in real time, instantly being projected to the audience in the form of a giant 3D-frog! The assembled masses were both intrigued and also mesmerised, so I guess we delivered the desired WOW effect!”

The event was attended by many high profile guests, including Pete Waterman, Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, Jeff Wayne (War of the Worlds), and the band Hard-Fi. The event once again proved that activ8-3D can successfully use holographic projection as an entertainment art form, as well as the more traditional exhibition and marketing events.

Anthony Daniels who played the part of C3PO in Star Wars films, was filmed a few weeks before and activ8-3D transformed Anthony into a 3D-video hologram which was shown for the first at the Movieum party, it was a huge success. Anthony said “It’s very clever stuff that activ8-3D do, and I was very impressed and amazed to see myself as a 3D-video hologram. I look forward to working with activ8-3D again, and perhaps bringing C3PO back to life as a live 3D-interactive character like I’ve seen tonight.”

activ8-3d 3D-holocube

34 year-old Kate Carlisle attended the evening’s festivities, she said, “The holographic projection by activ8-3D was truly breathtaking, I have never seen anything like it! For me, it was the highlight of the evening and after spending the night mingling with guest’s, it became clear that the holographic projection was the success story of the night.”

Mr Humphreys, whose firm have created expert hologram projections for world famous brands including Coca Cola, Royal Academy of Arts and BMW, added, “As a direct result of this event we expanded our existing client base and highlighted the great entertainment capabilities that can be achieved with holographic display. The event also enabled us to demonstrate some of our 3D-holoshows, 3D-holopods, and 3D-holocubes, displaying highlights of our most successful projects over the years. These demonstrations are available free of charge to prospective clients, who are more than welcome to come and chat about what activ8-3D can offer their business. ”

After the success of The Movieum anniversary party, activ8-3D are now planning a party of their own in the very same location, set to include 3D-holocube, 3D-holopod, and of course, 3D-holoshow demonstrations.

activ8-3D’s Mr Humphreys added, “Our very own party is set to be a spectacular event, but the date is still to be confirmed, anyone interested in the forthcoming party should pay regular visits to our website at Or drop us an email to”

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