activ8-3D partners receive Best New Product Award at the annual IAAPA conference and expo


Publication Date: 10th Dec 2009


activ8-3D are proud to announce that their close partners and friends, AnimaLive, have received the Best New Product Award at the annual IAAPA conference and expo. The motion capture system, which activ8-3D use to create interactive 3D hologram characters, was the star of the show, taking home of the coveted award.

This system works with an actor wearing a motion capture suit. The actor uses the suit to control the movements of a 3D character on stage. The actor can see and heard the audience via a hidden camera and microphone. The actor can also speak to the audience via an audio system. Displaying these characters on activ8-3D's holographic projection displays creates audience interaction like never before. Audience members are blown away at the fact that they can hold a conversation with a giant 3D holographic character in stage.

activ8-3d 3D-holocube

“Over the last year we have worked extremely hard to make attractions out of our technology. This award acknowledges that we are on the right path to a successful 2010.” Says Ali Kord Technical Director, AnimaLive

The collaboration between activ8-3D's holographic projection and animalive's motion capture system has been a huge success, helping both companies lead the way in interactive display systems.

For more information on this award winning system, visit the activ8-3D motion capture system page, which includes a video of the system displayed as a 3D holographic projection.

“It has been a pleasure to work with some great people who have added their expertise to our technologies and products. Special thanks to the operators who run our systems on a daily basis, as they are the unsung heroes of any production or attraction” adds Paul Collimore, Head of Sales AnimaLive.

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