activ8-3D Launch New 3D-holocube Technology

Publication Date: 8th Jan 2009


Holographic communications agency activ8-3D has unveiled a revolutionary new technology to their portfolio, the 3D-holocube. The 3D-holocube is a unique departure from traditional digital signage, creating striking 3D video holograms in under 10 seconds at the touch of a single button.

The ground breaking technology behind the 3D-holocube seamlessly integrates a mini 3D holographic system with 3D video holograms. Rather than watching a conventional 2D video on a flat screen, the technical wizardry gives birth to life-size free form objects, blending 2D and 3D images in the same physical space.

A 3D-optical illusion, the 3D-holocube is being tipped as a brand new advertising medium, the perfect foil to wow crowds desensitised to more traditional marketing and exhibition displays. Simon Humphrey’s, activ8-3D’s executive director said, “Consumers are increasingly switching off from traditional media so presenting your message in a new format means it will really stand out from the crowd.activ8-3D 3D-holoshow for Winston

The 3D-holocube, like all holograms, is based on and old Victorian theatre trick called Pepper’s Ghost updated with a very contemporary twist. The traditional trick involved projecting images onto glass. With 3D holographic technology, the glass is replaced with a special 3D-holofilm. The smoke and mirrors of old give way to ultra-bright LCD and plasma screens, giving the appearance of HD images floating in space.

Bright, sharp and clearly visible in daylight conditions, 3D-video holograms created using the 3D-holocube draw large crowds, amazed at the effects produced. The London-based firm has already supplied the 3D-holocube technology to a number of comoanies across the globe and there are enquiries coming in everyday about this exciting product. Its eye-catching holograms are proving popular with retailers struggling to offset the credit crunch and draw consumer attention to their products and serves. 3D-holocube can be used at the entrance of stores, in supermarkets and on-site at exhibitions, the holographic applications are limited only by the imagination.

Paul Andrews, creative director at activ8-3D added, “The 3D-holocube and our other holographic technology can be packaged to provide a cutting edge 3D-display solution. We are currently in the launch stage of a new 3D display system called Animotion Live which uses the very latest motion capture technology to give holograms a voice. You can talk to the hologram and receive an answer back. Along with the 3D-holocube, this could totally change the face of display advertising and retail, offering up the possibility for virtual shop assistants and hologram characters that interact with the audience at exhibitions, theme parks or corporate events.”

Founded in 2006, activ8-3D builds on almost two decades worth of experience in 3D and holographic technology and applications field. It has worked on projects for blue chip firms and household names from around the globe in territories including Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. The diverse range of activ8-3D products and services are offered as a “one-stop-shop” solution which includes AutoCAD plans, installation of the 3D-system and content creation. Activ8-3D also offers consultancy and works in collaboration with many event and advertising agencies.

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