The Movieum of London Open New Online Store

Publication Date: 11th Nov 2009


activ8-3D's close partner and friend, The Movieum of London, have recently opened a new online store,

The website is packed with fantastic movie related merchandise, including Harry Potter wands, Indiana Jones whips, Lord of the Rings jewellery and plenty more.

In its first few weeks of trading, the online store as seen a huge amount of interest, which is only expected to grow as the run in to Christmas begins.

Unsurprisingly, the store's most popular products are the Harry Potter Wands. Every wannabe wizard's dream can come true with this magnificent replica wand, based on the exact model seen in the films. Not only does the store sell Harry Potter's wand, but also Hermione's Wand, Dumbledore's wand, and many other characters' accessories from the best selling books and block buster films.

Not only are The Movieum of London providing you with one of the best collections of movie memorabilia and collectibles online, they also run The Movieum Museum on South Bank in the heart of London. The Movieum contains genuine, original props from iconic movies such as Harry Potter, James Bond, Aliens, Terminator and much, much more.

So if you or any of your family and friends are passionate about movies, why not pop down to the Movieum of London, or browse through the fabulous collection of movie related merchandise at

harry potters wand

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