3D Holographic Projection FAQ from activ8-3D

Publication Date: 7th July 2009


activ8-3D’s Simon Humphreys introduces what you need to know about how your business can benefit from using 3D holographic projection for an event, exhibition, or product launch.

What sort of firms are using holographic displays at their product launches, is it a new concept and what benefits will it give me as a company owner?

Here at activ8-3D we have provided holographic projections at events for the likes of Cadbury’s, Coca-Cola, BMW and The Royal Academy of Arts. Many of the global brands are using this unique marketing tool as it gives many brands the ‘edge’ that may have previously been absent from their existing marketing and PR campaigns. As the credit crunch continues, customers are reluctant to part with their hard earned cash, therefore offering that wow factor to the consumer has never been more important. Holographic displays are always warmly received by visitors to a product launch or any type of event, offering them with a talking point way after the event has ended. Although holographics is far from a new concept, it is rapidly growing in popularity, partly thanks to the increase of 3D holographic cinema releases.

activ8-3D 3D-holoshow for Winston

I have a product launch coming up, how do the team at activ8-3D plan for an event to make sure that it runs like clockwork?

Our specialist team will visit the proposed venue in advance to establish where the correct audience viewing angles should be and get a feel for the size and layout of the room. We will then create an AutoCAD drawing of the set-up required. If need be, our team can also be on hand at the event itself either project managing the operation or working seamlessly within your event management team.

I have been hearing a lot in the media about live interactive 3D shows, how do these work and what situations do these holographic displays work best?

Live interactive shows are great because they really do offer something a little bit different. The process involves using an actor in a motion capture suit. The actor will move around and have his movements picked up in real time and projected onto the stage in the form of a giant character or animal. At these shows we see audience members literally staring with their mouths open in disbelief at what can be achieved with our 3D character projections. Many of the global brands we have worked with, such as ciba vision and JTI, have experienced huge success with this form of holographic display. We can create the perfect event for your product or show, incorporating full live stage routines, music, dance and even character/audience interaction.

Is it possible to have a permanent holographic display installed?

With our partner RMA, we design, manufacture and install large-scale permanent holographic displays to tourist and visitor attractions worldwide. We also work with museums and art galleries too. In the past we have installed displays at Cadbury’s World in Birmingham and the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly, London.

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