activ8-3D Capitalise on Competitive Edge

Publication Date: 21st Dec 2009


activ8-3D, a world leader in 3D holographic projection continue to set trends in the holographic communications field with a new and exciting range of in house initiatives, firmly cementing their position as industry leaders at the start of 2010.

hologram projector

A spokesperson for the company who specialise in hologram projectors said, “At activ8-3D we work hard to maintain our competitive advantage and continue to push boundaries with innovations in our products and applications. We’re really proud that client feedback throughout the course of this year has continually praised just from our superior holographic displays, but also our competitive costs, impeccable customer service and friendly, professional attitudes. This really sets up apart as the ‘one to beat’ – a position we intend to keep next year thanks to a series of exciting developments currently in the pipeline.

Supplying a direct projection system which offers cost effective properties to the consumer, activ8-3D are also striking out in front with their environmental consciousness. Making use of low lumen projectors (6000-12,000) as opposed to some competitor's systems which need 20,000+ lumen projectors. activ8-3D’s revolutionary system does not waste brightness or energy. In less efficient rival hologram displays, around 50 per-cent of the brightness is lost due to the projected images being bounced off two screens before eventually appearing on stage.

A spokesman from the firm added, “We have reduced the size of our stages and holopods so that they are now much smaller than that of the competition. We also offer to build bespoke 3D holopod systems to fit in with clients existing exhibition or display stands.”

“In addition to this, we can also rig our system to reproduce full size 3D-video images (such as humans, cars etc) in only 3m of height using rear projection techniques. This isn't possible with some other 3D-systems. As a result, the outcome is that you are faced with lower costs due to less equipment and smaller required space.”

Not only are customers presented with excellent customer service when they come to activ8-3D for holographic services, the team will even go to great lengths to accommodate the client’s needs and requirements, including thorough project analysis, extensive system testing and excellent technical support for all projects.

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