Beam Me In Big Brother

Publication Date: 18th Aug 2009


Emotions were flying high among housemates in Big Brother when science fiction met heart-wrenching messages from home in last night’s show.

The tearful contestants saw their friends and families beamed into the room as 3D holograms to send their words of love and support.

Lisa was first to see her hologram message which came from her mum Maureen and her auntie Margaret.

Clubbin' Crowd

The identical twins joyfully told Lisa her brother is expecting another baby due on her birthday in February.

She said: “It’s so lovely – it’s like you want to touch them.”

David cried and covered his face when he watched the holographic messages from his auntie Lindsey and best friend Emma.

The Yorkshire-man said: “That was amazing, such a good feeling.

Any other screen message on video isn’t a touch on that.

They are in front of you – none of this flat screen or plasma screen – they are really there.

But perhaps the most tear jerking moment of the programme was when housemate Charlie watched his life-like message from home.

His mother has been in a coma for the last six months and his father, also Charlie, appeared before him to say she has shown signs of getting better.

The blurry-eyed contestant wept as his dad said: “It’s been fantastic to see you living your dream.”

Clubbin' Crowd

London based activ8-3D were responsible for the housemates’ holographic messages from home.

Marketing manager Ryan James said: “It was really fantastic and rewarding to see the contestants’ reactions to the holograms.

It felt amazing to be able to give them something so meaningful and personal because they’re obviously missing their families very much.

Siavash was shaking when he saw his mum and cousin as holograms.

He said: “What the hell was that?

I did not hear any of it – I was just in shock.

It was really weird, it’s like they are actually there.

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