Hologram Projector System

Our hologram projector system is a unique, state of the art holographic display system. The holographic projector system perfectly incorporates a top of the range full HD hologram projector with a purpose built (in-house) computer system capable of feeding the hologram projector with fully uncompressed video files.


We undertook an extensive research and development process in order to source the highest quality hologram projector system possible. We found that there was nothing on the market which delivered the ultimate uncompressed image that we desired. Our strive for perfection led us to develop our very own unique, purpose build hologram projector system.


The above images is a snippet of the extensive studio test shoots carried out with numerous High end HD cameras from the market leading manufacturers including Sony and Panasonic as well as their cheaper HDV counterparts.


Our hologram projector system is capable of recording and outputting the highest quality uncompressed High Definition video media possible with today’s technology. This holographic projector system give us the edge over our competitors, who may be restrained by various hardware constraints, as our system cannot be beaten on image quality or sharpness. This therefore allows us to deliver our clients the most stunning, highest quality hologram projections on the market that will, and have, left audiences truly amazed.


Not only have we developed a second to none holographic projector system, our years of experience in this industry have proved vital in sourcing the best possible cameras, lighting and audio equipment, 3D-holofilm, staging, and not to mention the expert technicians, contractors and project managers!


Here at activ8-3D, we understand that 3D holographic projection is best achieved when consistently pushing the envelope of hologram projector visual technologies. Over many years of delivery, we have defined the best cameras, audio equipment, staging and hologram projectors to suit each project. We appreciate that not all of our clients have the highest of budgets. We therefore provide a wide range of hologram projector systems and services, each with affordable options to suit each project.


If you would like to view a free demonstration of our hologram projector system in action then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to show off our purpose build in-house holographic projector system by showing you how it compares to a standard holographic projector system which most of our competitors are using.