Custom Holographic Projection

HD film, Animation, holographic projection and Post production is offered in-house, as well as being outsourced to our partners and agencies as part of our Content Creation Services.


Our film director and producer, has worked on many worldwide 3D projects including:


Virgin – Richard Branson filmed in Vancouver for London launch of Virgin Digital


Girls Aloud – Shop-front attraction in Kensington Street,London.


Ford Mondeo – At the Geneva Motor Show.


LG Shine – Featured the illusionist David Blaine in NYC and London.


GM Cadillac car -Launch in Shanghai.


Time Warner – CEO filmed in NYC and event held in London.


GM Europe – Launch of new Opel model.


BAT Europe – CEO of BAT Europe filmed in Belgium.


Cadbury’s World – Filming of actors for large UK visitor attraction.


Royal Academy of Arts – HD filming of people in both the UK and Mumbai for permanent 3D-holopod install in London.


Content Creation title

We do in-house animation, and we also work with some of the best animation houses around, not only in UK but also overseas.
We offer our clients significantly lower rates, without compromising on talent, ask us for a quote.
We create tailor-made content starting from a brief or an idea, and move this concept forward by use of storyboards.
We can also take existing animated files, and adapt for use in 3D-Holographics.
We supply end-to-end post services, for all 3D digital film production.
We are also happy to cooperate with our clients chosen creative partners, and act as consultants on a 3D creative project.


For more information, including a FREE DEMO call us on +44 (0) 207 11 77 896, contact us online, or send us an email to [email protected]