Some Real World Applications Of Hologram Technology


Some Real World Applications Of Hologram Technology

These are actually more than just fiction anymore. Hologram technology was a part of sci-fi movies for a very long time indeed, but since the advancement of technology, it has become a reality that we all love to make use of. These are actually quite impressive, and they have started being used for all kinds of things. Right now, it is being focused in the entertainment industry heavily, but they are also being used in the scientific world largely.

Holograms have actually been a dream of entertainment and so many tech companies as well as consumers ever since a person called Jules Verne first introduced this idea for the technology back in the year 1893. Since then, there has been a lot of craving for this technology, and it actually caught the public eye when Princess Leia appeared as a floating image in Star Wars.

But, for years it actually looked like these things were going to always remain in sci-fi movies, but if you think about it, there are actually so many things in sci-fi movies that have indeed become a reality with the help of some of the most recent technological advancements. There were many challenges when it came to creating a 3D image in thin air, and it just seemed impossible to do. Here’s a fun fact; scientists are actually making use of holograms to edit brain activity; however, that is possible, only they know. Well, the days of holograms is not quite here yet, but it looks like we are approaching the day where that dream of fully-fledged holograms will actually become a reality indeed.

Scientists from all around the planet have figured out a way to come up with some new and also very inventive ways to make use of lasers, some amazing digital processors and also motion sensing technologies to create many different kinds of holograms which can actually change the very way we could consume and even interact with media in a future that is not actually that far away.

Here are some real-life applications for holograms.

  • If you are a fan of music, there have been holograms of Tupac and Michael Jackson too. This uses high-end motion capture technology.
  • Fan type holograms can be used in public spaces.
  • Light field display holograms are the ones that you may have seen in children’s museums.
  • Digital holographic tabletop holograms can be used when you are near a table.

In the future, there will be holograms that you can even interact with, just like how Tony Stark does in so many of his Iron Man movies and so many other Marvel movies too.


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