Technology We Use

Pepper’s ghost is a mysterious illusionary technique that reflects light by using mirrors to create virtual images on stage. Using glass mirrors and special lighting techniques, it’s possible to make objects seem to appear or disappear, or make one object seem to “morph” into another.


This technique dates back to the Victorian times and was first used live in theatres in 1862.


You’ve seen the effect yourself in the window. When it’s brighter outside you see through the window clearly but as night falls it’s brighter inside and then the window behaves more like a mirror reflecting you and other things inside the room.


Using the principles of Peppers Ghost and updating the technique by using HD projectors, and thin polymer films (instead of glass) it’s now possible to create life-size, spectacular 3D video holograms of absolutely anything you wish.


The key element of this technique is the actual content creation, and this is done by filming real objects (people, products, etc) in HD on green screen. Animated files such as phones, cars, etc are then added which spin and rotate in 3D in mid-air. The result is very real looking and breathtaking 3D video hologram live on stage.


3D-Holographic projection is now used widely in events, shows, conferences and product launches, to create life-size 3D holograms live on-stage.