3D Holopyramid Exhibition

360 degree 3D hologram display for the exhibition marketplace. This system displays 3D animation files which can be viewed from 360 degrees with stunning visual 3D effect.


As you can see from the video example below, our 3D-holopyramid is a real crowd drawer.


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Offering a 360 degree holographic experience based on revolving 3D animations or special film video sequences. Advertise products, messages, or presentations using our cutting edge 3D hologram displays.


Primary areas of application are retail environments, exhibitions and product launches.

The 3D-holopyrmid range is fully patented.


Technical Information


Dimensions: 71 x 191 x 71cm (W x H x D)


Image size: 45 x 25cm (W x H)


Weight: 35kgs aprox


Max Power Consumption: 300W


Lamp Life: Replace after 2000 hrs